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Oct 1, 2012 8:30pm EDT
whatever the technology was. so they could get the most out of it. when was the cotton begin it was universal primary education. when it was the factory it was universal secondary education and the laptop universal post secondary education. we had the best infrastructure. we had the most open in the century of immigration policy to attract the most energetic and talented immigrants around the world to start 40% of the new companies in the silicon valley. and prevent recklessness and incentivize risk taking and we had the most government funded research fop push out the boundary of science and technology our best innovators and entrepreneurs can pluck them and start the new company. it you think about that as the formula for success an education we now -- well, roughly 30% of high schools drop out of high school. we used to lead the world in college graduates coming to high school. we no longer do that. on infrastructure, according to american society of civil engineers we're $2 trillion in deficit in terms of infrastructure. immigration, we have a policy now that basically sa
Oct 2, 2012 8:00pm EDT
the opportunities in an innovative and technologically savvy industrial growth way. that is the kind of plan that i have put forth. and it is built on private sector entrepreneurship. giving them better access to research to washington state university and giving them a tax credit so they can help generate capital for their new business. helping small businesses additional work with the department of defense. these are tailor-made systems that i have put forth in my proposal. >> thank you,. >> moderator: we now go to mr. rob mckenna. mckenna: in there is nothing about regulatory reform, unemployment insurance reform, workers comp order a plan or paragraph that talks about creating a new state agency. the office of economic competitiveness and development. hiring more state employees. as you said, we have very different approaches. >> moderator: mr. rob mckenna. mckenna: you know what, the businesses are telling you that they want a government that will be a partner. we are going to break up a dysfunctional agency and not hire more people to put it in the place that is actually going to help busine
Oct 4, 2012 8:00pm EDT
in city into an economy around innovation and technology. this november we will open up a 170 million-dollar high-performance center sponsored by m.i.t. northeastern and the university of massachusetts. that will be a catalyst for economic development in the city and a lot of folks -- one of the poorest cities in the state two hours to arcelus to their campus and the answer is we have the cheapest renewable energy of all of new england. we have marketing tools to bring companies into our -- public safety obviously my job is mayors to be the chief marketing officer and making sure we are expanding our tax base and to do that we think people downtown is a safe place to invest and spend time with your family and friends. strategies that improve the relationship between our police officers and our residents and all throughout that making sure we evoke a sense of -- the one thing that has been made his challenge to holyoke is our perception and and image so i ran a campaign based on beginning to tell the story about the city of holyoke that we are more visited than problems and challenges
Oct 3, 2012 8:00pm EDT
teachers to make sure we maintain the technology lead and people are skilled and able to succeed. and hard-pressed states can't all do that. in fact, we have seen layoffs of hundreds of thousand of teachers over the last several years, and governor romney doesn't think we need more teachers. i do, i think that is the kind of investment graduate federal government can help. it can't do it all. it can make a difference. as a consequence we'll have a better trained work force and it will create jobs because companies want to locate in places where we have a skilled work force. >> moderator: two minutes. romney: i love schools. the key to great schools is great teachers. so i reject the idea they don't believe in great teachers or more teachers. every school district and state should make their decision on their own. the rule of government, look behind us. the constitution and the decoration of independents, the role of government is to promote and protect the principles of those documents. . first, life and liberty. we have responsibility to protect the lives and liberty of our people that me
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4